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Its a great way to recycle!  When insured vehicles are in an accident, sometimes the cost for the insurance company to repair them is too high so they are written off as a total loss. *  The owner is paid out a lump sum and the car is sold as salvage.  We look for good quality, well maintained cars and trucks that are easily repairable.  The vehicles that are rebuilt at South Island Imports must first pass a government vehicle inspection to be registered and then they are offered to the public for sale.


When a car is for sale either privately or as a trade-in on a car lot, there is good reason to wonder why it's for sale.  The vehicles rebuilt through South Island Imports are vehicles that were not for sale, so generally the vehicles were maintained right until the accident.  The buyers at South Island Imports know what to look for in a salvage vehicle.  Only cars that have been obviously looked after are the ones chosen to be rebuilt.  Everything else is is put in our wrecking yard and sold for parts only. This ensures that the restored vehicle is as good or better than anything you will find for sale elsewhere.


*NOTE:  There are many factors that determine whether a vehicle will be written off by an insurance company.  For more information on how ICBC determines if a vehicle is a total loss, see their website.









In order to re-register the vehicle, it must first pass a Government Safety Inspection test.  To pass, initially the vehicle structure must be sound (no rusty or bent frame), tire tread good, brakes, lights as well as the horn must all be working.  The inspection center verifies our initial inspection, checks the rest of the requirements and completes the test with a 4 wheel alignment.  The wheel alignment is done with state of the art laser alignment machine which detects if the frame is out all all. A computer alignment printout is included with each inspection report and goes to the customer.  This mandatory inpection ensures that every vehicle bought from here is safe to drive.


NOTE:  If you buy a vehicle privately or off a car lot, it is not required to pass the government safety inspection test. 


At South Island Imports, your safety matters!











Once a vehicle is inspected and registered with ICBC, it qualifies for the same insurance as any other vehicle.  If you are insured and you are in an accident, the car will either be fixed or written off depending on the damage.  The rebuilt status has no bearing on your settlement. 











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